Podcasting Revolution 009: Kashmir


Returning as guests once again, Derek and Stacey Lowe visit Podcasting Revolution to discuss the ninth episode of NBC’s “Revolution” titled “Kashmir.”

Your hosts are Jason and Natalie Pyles. After each TV episode of “Revolution” airs, this husband-and-wife team will record corresponding episodes where we discuss our thoughts, theories and reactions to that week’s program.

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Podcasting Revolution 005: Soul Train


In Episode 005, Natalie and Jason chat with Derek and Stacey Lowe about myriad topics, such as the combustible nature of Pop Rocks, Bear Grylls, log bombs, Combos, stabs to the belly, hate-watching and “Revolution,” Episode 005: Soul Train.

We invite our listeners to tune in to the TV show and watch along with us because Natalie and Jason will be discussing spoilers from this evening’s episode, as well as previous episodes of “Revolution.” Continue reading