Podcasting Revolution BONUS: Online Reactions Thus Far


There was no regularly scheduled television episode of “Revolution” this week, due to the broadcast of the presidential debate. So, Natalie and Jason take this opportunity to record a BONUS episode where they discuss the online community’s reaction toward “Revolution” thus far.

Next Monday we’ll resume with our regularly scheduled episode, which will be our review of Episode 006, which is titled “Sex and Drugs.”

In the meantime, we invite our listeners to tune in to the TV show and watch along with us because Natalie and Jason will be discussing spoilers from each episode of “Revolution.”

Your hosts are Jason and Natalie Pyles. After each TV episode of “Revolution” airs, this husband-and-wife team will record corresponding episodes where we discuss our thoughts, theories and reactions to that week’s program.

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Our next episode: Monday, October 29, 2012

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Podcasting Revolution is an unofficial fan podcast about NBC’s “Revolution.” This episode was recorded on October 22, 2012. Thank you for listening.

One thought on “Podcasting Revolution BONUS: Online Reactions Thus Far

  1. Wow Natalie and Jason, I have a lot to say about the podcast this week. First those reviews you read early in the show must be by people who get to see previews of NBC programming and are way too afraid to say anything bad. It was hard to listen to, I hate when people overstate, cinematic? No way. I haven’t see the second episode but I liked Nashville, it was one I hoped to watch but honestly I just haven’t had time to watch any new shows really, just whatever my wife is watching, X Factor, The Voice, etc. I did see Chicago Fire, it’s one of those guys and girls look perfect show, like a working class Baywatch for women or something. Back to Nashville though, I actually got this sense that people might think from the previews that Hayden Panettiere’s character was supposed to be Taylor Swift, since people unjustly criticize her. Yeah I’m kind of a fan, but it’s because she plays instruments, sings and writes her own song which is way more personal than most country artists –not all though. Sorry felt the need to justify. Anyway, I asked Hayden that via a tweet and she actually responded to me. “NO! Promise!” she tweeted. So anyway, that was cool. I think ratings on tv shows is the percentage of tv-equipped homes which are tuned to that show, whereas a share is what percentage of tv’s in use are tuned to a particular program. So I guess that means unless fewer than 1.6% of viewers tune in to Revolution, it is safe. Your question of whether episodes should be similar or not is interesting and you also said are cliffhangers not always a tv thing. I don’t think they are anymore, but I do think in most cases they should be. My biggest problem with Terra Nova was that it was so episodic; I mean basically “The one with a pterodactyl attack”. See that, I did the friends thing. I think they should end with something up in the air, when everything wraps neatly every episode it feels like Law and Order or something. I want to miss something if I miss a week. I had similar problems with The River, we let out this crazy evil force and then at the end of the show we catch it in some bowl thing and throw it off a ship. Next week we’ll move on to something else… really? I essentially want a 13-hour movie I guess. Harper’s Island is a good example, I loved that show. Hey you did catch that the quote about destruction is a line from the Beatle’s song Revolution right? Anyway, sorry for rambling about anything and everything, great show you two!

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