Podcasting Revolution 006: Sex and Drugs


For Episode 006, Jason and Natalie podcast about “Revolution’s” episode titled “Sex and Drugs.” Our special guest for this show is Hammer of the Zombie Reckoning Podcast and The Resurrection of Zombie 7.

We invite our listeners to tune in to the TV show and watch along with us because Natalie and Jason will be discussing spoilers from each episode of “Revolution.”

Your hosts are Jason and Natalie Pyles. After each TV episode of “Revolution” airs, this husband-and-wife team will record corresponding episodes where we discuss our thoughts, theories and reactions to that week’s program.

Please participate in our podcast by e-mailing us with comments, questions or critiques at PodcastingRevolution@gmail.com. You can also call and leave a voice mail at (801) 382-8789. If you like our show, please subscribe in iTunes.

Our next episode: Monday, November 5, 2012

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Podcasting Revolution is an unofficial fan podcast about NBC’s “Revolution.” This episode was recorded on October 29, 2012. Thank you for listening.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting Revolution 006: Sex and Drugs

  1. Great podcast guys, keep up the good work.
    Tip: episode 7 “The Children’s Crusade” (Rachel discloses the real reason she left her family behind all those years ago. Miles and Charlie encounter a bright spot in their journey).

  2. Natalie and Jason, I had a great time chatting with both of you, it went SOOO fast, I’m used to rambling for an hour or two. I think maybe I failed to make my point properly on the Matheson thing. What I was trying to say was that Matheson’s novel, I Am Legend, was in Romero’s mind about revolution, and Romero feels it would be best shown from the beginning. So I found it interesting that over 40 years later we can still have that same debate about whether Matheson’s approach of jumping ahead and using flashbacks to fill us in, or Romero’s approach of showing the revolution from its origin is the right way to go about it.

    I didn’t think about it during the show, but while this was a solid episode and I just might keep watching, Sex and Drugs still had that “threat of the week” feel. Why not end the episode with Aaron having shot himself and Charlie standing over the man with the knife? Then you leave us excited or angry for a week.

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