Podcasting Revolution 005: Soul Train


In Episode 005, Natalie and Jason chat with Derek and Stacey Lowe about myriad topics, such as the combustible nature of Pop Rocks, Bear Grylls, log bombs, Combos, stabs to the belly, hate-watching and “Revolution,” Episode 005: Soul Train.

We invite our listeners to tune in to the TV show and watch along with us because Natalie and Jason will be discussing spoilers from this evening’s episode, as well as previous episodes of “Revolution.”

Your hosts are Jason and Natalie Pyles. After each TV episode of “Revolution” airs, this husband-and-wife team will record corresponding episodes where we discuss our thoughts, theories and reactions to that week’s program.

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Our next episode: Monday, October 22, 2012

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Podcasting Revolution is an unofficial fan podcast about NBC’s “Revolution.” This episode was recorded on October 15, 2012. Thank you for listening.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting Revolution 005: Soul Train

  1. We completely enjoyed all of your insightful comments and can’t wait to tune in to the next one.:) Well done, you made us smile and laugh and for that we thank you!
    Dave and Karen Jensen

  2. Dave and Karen,
    Yes, Derek and Stacey were great guests! Thanks so much for listening to the show. We’re glad you’re enjoying it. We have fun producing the podcast, too. … We only wish we enjoyed the actual TV show a little more…

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