Podcasting Revolution 003: No Quarter


In Episode 003, Jason and Natalie answer some listener feedback, and they have a heart-to-heart talk about “Revolution” and how it has not lived up to our expectations thus far.

We invite our listeners to tune in to the TV show and watch along with us because Natalie and Jason will be discussing spoilers from that night’s episode, as well as previous episodes of “Revolution.”

Your hosts are Jason and Natalie Pyles. After each TV episode of “Revolution” airs, this husband-and-wife team will record corresponding episodes where we discuss our thoughts, theories and reactions to that week’s program.

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Our next episode: Monday, October 8, 2012

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Podcasting Revolution is an unofficial fan podcast about NBC’s “Revolution.” This episode was recorded on October 1, 2012. Thank you for listening.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting Revolution 003: No Quarter

  1. Ok, I was listening to you guys having grief for not being able to “like” the protagonist – Charlie… but have faith.

    Remember the TV show “Family Ties”? The protagonist was supposed to be the “Hippie” parents and their issues but quickly, the favorite became Michael J Fox’s character and is what launched his career. So, Natalie may be correct in thinking of her as Miles’ sidekick…

    And, Kripke likes to kill off the main characters, so unless she finds her sea-legs she might just be fodder for a bigger narrative of the show’s arc.

    Also, Kripke says they are not sure IF they will say why the lights go out or they may but it would be late in the season.
    Keep in mind, this show is about a ‘revolution” and so I think the show will pick up the Rebels vs. Oppressors (Militia) or at least the Monroe Militia since we find in Soul Train that the Georgia and Plain’s Nation is working together to fight against the Monroe Militia… this could turn into the second American Revolution fighting for a “Free Nation” where the rule of law is supreme to the “Rule of Man”.

    Also, I’m one of those “other” podcasts about the show – in fact there are at least eight listed in iTunes… but I don’t view you guys as competitors as I listen to them all and always learn a tidbit or two and a different perspective about why and what happened in each episode…. So, I give you kudos for your show!



  2. I meant to say, also, that the writers of “Family Ties” quickly started writing for Fox’s character and directed the sitcom’s focus about him and to the chagrin of the parents, less to them. They were still part of the story but no longer the focus… this could happen to Charlie… and for the record, I’m tired of her whining as well.. each time she screws up her face to whine at Miles she gets her “Romulin Frown” on… her forehead looks just like a Star Trek Romulin…

  3. Hi Jake,
    Thank you so much for your awesome and insightful comments. I love it that you used “Family Ties.” That is one of my favorite sitcoms from the ’80s. Thursday nights were never better than when they had: The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court and then Hill Street Blues. True must-see TV.

    Anyway, we appreciate you listening and commenting, Sir. We’ll be reading your comments and responding to you “directly” during our next episode, which will be Episode 006: Sex and Drugs.

    Thanks again.

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